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Dyeing to Knit

IndieDyed Yarn

I am Alexandra, the maker behind Dyeing to Knit.  I have a wonderful family consisting of my husband and two beautiful children. My family encouraged me to follow this passion that brings me so much joy.  My story starts as many others do.  I first learned to knit alongside my mom and grandmother as a child.  I look back now and I am so happy they spent the time teaching me this beautiful craft.  It wasn't until much later that I picked up the needles and began to knit again.  Once I began to knit again I absorbed everything I could about the craft.  I started dyeing yarn just over a year ago.  It began as a curiosity and quickly became a bit of an addiction, playing around with all the endless colour possibilities!  Eventually I started selling my hand dyed yarn at local markets and events.  Recently, our family sold and bought our house and I took a couple months off.  Now that we are settled I am so excited to expand my little business to an online presence and reach more of this wonderful crafting community with my online store.  


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